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911micro offers a wide range of technological resources and services for businesses and residential consumers.

  • Industrial design with Manufacturing support and Green design
  • Electronic engineering including CPU platforms with OS, Microcontroller and DSP embedded systems, PCB design and layout, Production engineering, and Electronic certification
  • Software development plus Operating system implementation, Embedded software development, and Device drivers development

Most of us use Internet on a daily basis. 911micro offers you the most reliable ways to get Internet for a residential or corporate building. It can be;

  • Cable Internet
  • Optical fiber
  • Wi-Fi

Get a strong communication network and powerful healthy devices for your Intranet. 911micro offers;

  • Computer technician
  • Data recovery
  • IT consultancy

911micro will install you a solution to control your environment, and automate repetitive tasks of everyday;

  • Solution
  • Application
  • Controller
  • Devices

To make or receive calls, a phone system is still the best solution to implement in a business. 911micro provides;

  • Phone numbers
  • Phone lines
  • Phone systems

Prevent intruders with 911micro expertise. Get to know how to improve your habits in a this modern world and secure your gateways;

  • Software
  • Network
  • Property